Judgments On America

Source: “As America Has Done To Israel”
by John McTernan
Madrid October 30, 1991
George Bush Sr. opens conference in Madrid, Spain to start the Middle East “peace” process which will be on the basis of “land for peace.”
Topic: Israel must give land for peace.
October 30, 1991
The Perfect Storm” -Powerful storm in the north Atlantic traveling from East to West for 1,000 miles smashes into New England with ocean waves the largest ever recorded in that region. President Bush’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine was heavily damaged.
The storm travelled east to west, contrary to the norm of west to east.
Bush moves talks to Washington August 23, 1992
Madrid peace conference moved to Washington, D.C. where talks resumed.
August 23, 1992
Hurricane Andrew, the worst natural disaster ever to hit America prior to that time, hit south Florida. 180,000 homeless in Florida and 25,000 in Louisiana. Damage as high as $30 billion.
Clinton and Assad January 16, 1994
President Clinton met with President Hafez el-Assad of Syria in Geneva. Topic: An agreement that Israel would give up the Golan Heights to Syria.
January 17, 1994
The 6.9 Northridge Earthquake rocked southern California. With 61 dead and damages at $21 billion, It was the second most destructive natural disaster to hit the U.S, after Hurricane Andrew.
Clinton meets with Arafat March 1, 1997
Yasser Arafat met with President Clinton in Washington to discuss settlements being built “illegally” by Israel. Clinton rebukes Israel for building the settlements. Arafat went on a speaking tour of the U.S. The United Nations Security Council and the General Assembly voted to condemn Israel.
March 1, 1997
Powerful tornadoes devastated huge sections of the U.S. Arkadelphia, Arkansas was destroyed by tornadoes.
Storms in the Dakotas result in the worst flooding of this century. Falmouth, Kentucky was destroyed by flooding. The storms stalled over Ohio causing extensive flooding. Cost was over $1 billion.
Washington Jan 21, 1998
Clinton humiliates Netanyahu with a cold reception at the White House, Secretary of State Albright refuses to have lunch with him.
Jan 21, 1998
On the same day, the Monica Lewinsky scandal breaks into the mass media, revealing Clinton’s sex life to the whole world and he is eventually impeached for lying about it.
Albright-Clinton-Arafat September 27, 1998
Sec of State Albright met with Arafat in New York in preparation for a meeting with President Clinton. On September 28, 1998 Clinton meets with Arafat and Netanyahu declaring that Israel has to give up 13% of the “West Bank.”
Later, Arafat addresses the United Nations about declaring an independent Palestinian
state by May 1999.
September 27, 1998
Hurricane George slammed into the Gulf Coast striking Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle causing $1 billion in damage. The storm stalled and then moved inland.
Just as Arafat was leaving the hurricane dissipated.
Wye River Plantation, Maryland October 15-23, 1998
Yasser Arafat and Benjamin Netanyahu meet at the Wye Plantation, Maryland for a five day meeting on giving away 13% percent of the “West Bank.” Under pressure from Clinton, Israel agreed.
October 17, 1998
Rains and tornadoes hit east Texas. Twenty five percent of Texas was ravaged, leaving over $1 billion in damage. The day the talks ended the storms subsided. On October 21, Clinton declares this section of Texas a major disaster area.
Clinton-Arafat in Washington –November 30, 1998
42-nation meeting in Washington to raise money for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital. All the nations agreed to give Arafat $3 billion in aid. Clinton promised $400 million, and the European nations $1.7 billion.
November 30, 1998
On the same day, the Dow Jones average drops 216 points, and on December 1, the European Market had its third worst day in history. Hundreds of billions of market capitalization were wiped out in the U.S. and Europe.
Clinton in “Palestinian” area December 12, 1998
Clinton lands in the Palestinian-controlled section of Israel to discuss “land for peace.”
December 12, 1998
The House of Representatives votes four articles of impeachment against him.
Clinton-Arafat March 23, 1999
Arafat met with President Clinton in Washington, D.C. to discuss a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
March 23, 1999
Stock market fell two hundred nineteen points. May 3, 1999
Arafat scheduled to declare May 3, 1999
Yasser Arafat is scheduled to declare a
Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital.
The declaration is postponed to December 1999 at the request of President Clinton whose letter to Arafat encourages him in his “aspirations for his own land.”
May 3, 1999
The most powerful tornado storm system ever to hit the United States sweeps across Oklahoma and Kansas. The winds are clocked at 316 mph the fastest wind speed ever recorded.
One of the tornadoes was over one mile wide. 43 people died.
Clinton-Arafat in Washington September 22, 1999

September 22, 1999
The day before and after the meeting the market falls more than 200 points each day. This was the first time in history the market lost more than 200 points for two days in a week. The market lost 524 points the week.
Under US pressure October 11, 1999
Jewish settlers are forcibly removed from 15 “West Bank” Israeli settlements and evicted from their covenant land.
October 15, 1999
Hurricane Irene slams into North Carolina.
On October 16, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocks the southwest in the fifth most powerful earthquake in 20th Century to date.
AND on the 15th the Dow-Jones averages lose 5.7 percent in the worst week in ten years. On October 15 the Dow lost 266 points.
Camp David, Maryland July 12, 2000
Clinton, Ehud Barak and Yassar Arafat meet at Camp David, Maryland to discuss dividing Jerusalem and giving away large portions of Israeli land.
July – August, 2000
Seven million acres of timber burn in the Western U.S. Montana and Wyoming are declared disaster areas. More than twenty five thousand from all over the world fought the fires.
Tenet to Israel June 6, 2001
CIA director George Tenet traveled to Israel to discuss stopping building of Settlements. This was the first involvement of the George W. Bush administration.
June 8, 2001
Hurricane Allison. Three feet of rain fell on Houston, Texas. Twenty Five thousand homes and businesses were destroyed or damaged. Cost $3-4 billion dollars.
Bush demands compliance August 9, 2001
President Bush demanded that Israel abide by the Madrid Peace Process, the Mitchell Plan, and United Nations Resolutions 242 and 338. The resolutions called for Israel to go back to the borders prior to the Six-Day War of 1967.
September 11, 2001
Terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center in New York, attacked the Pentagon and brought a plane down in Pennsylvania.
Bush approves “Palestine” November 10, 2001
In his major UN address on the war on terrorism, Bush speaks of “Palestine.” This was the first time a US President had every publicly acknowledged the idea of a Palestinian “Palestine.”
The next day, November 11, 2001, Secretary Powell said that Bush’s use of “Palestine” in his speech on Saturday was “deliberate and reflected administration policy.”
November 13, 2001
American Airlines Flight 587 exploded and broke apart over Queens in New York City, a short distance from the UN, where Israel’s covenant land and future had been discussed all weekend by the UN General Assembly.
Secretary of State Colin Powell January 31, 2003
Powell said Bush will become more deeply involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than he was in his first two years in the White House.
On the same day Bush and Britain’s Tony Blair met at the White House over the pending Iraq war. They agreed to give Iraq six more weeks to comply.
February 1, 2004 (1 day later)
Ironically, this was the same amount of time Bush had just agreed to give Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to form his coalition government and for his formal response to the Quartet Road Map.
Two days later the Space Shuttle Columbia broke up over Palestine, Texas.
Bush supports Gaza withdrawal August 2005
The Bush administration brings pressure upon Prime Minister Sharon of Israel to remove, by force, Israeli settlers in the Gaza Strip and to give their land to the Palestinians in order to establish peace.
August 29, 2005
As the last Jews are forcibly removed from their homes in Gaza, Hurricane Katrina crashes into the Gulf coast of the United States. Over $26 billion dollars in estimated destruction. This was the worst catastrophe in the history of the nation. Initial estimates of 80 dead in one county alone.
Not long afterward, Sharon goes into a coma and remains in such, even to this day.
Condoleeza Rice in Israel October 2007
“Frankly, it’s time for the establishment of a Palestinian state.” And she continued, “That’s really a message that I think only I can deliver,” explaining her mission to prepare for the conference to be held in Annapolis.
October 2007
Then the “Severe weather” assaulted several states from Florida to Oklahoma with floods and tornadoes. Within two days after Rice left the Middle East, fires began in California forcing the evacuation of almost one million people and leaving more than 1,400 homes demolished and damages over a billion dollars.
Bush in Israel January 2008
President Bush visits Israel for the first time as President to discuss shared sovereignty over (dividing) Jerusalem.
January 2008
Bush arrives back home to a crisis in mortgage loan foreclosures, recession worries, and the DJIA drops 784 points on the year. A French investor loses $7 Billion dollars, rocking the financial world, and congress can’t get an economic stimulus package passed fast enough.
Obama campaigns in Israel July 23, 2008
July 23, 2008
Hurricane Dolly makes landfall at peak intensity July 23, 08 in South Padre Island, Texas
Bush: I’ll Bring Peace to Israel Dec 20, 2004
December 21, 2004
A rocket attack kills 20 people at a U.S. military base near Mosul, Iraq.
US support for Israel ends at UN April 19, 2010
Fox News reports that the U.S. will no longer automatically support Israel in the United Nations.
April 20, 2010
The Deepwater Horizon oil rig explodes.
America’s decay advances. Media controlled. Elections compromised.
50 million babies butchered.
Parents can’t be called Mom and Dad.
Planned Parenthood working to teach kids to experiment with the pleasures of sex.
Gays working for preferred access to everything. Controls over pornography disappear.
All vestiges of Christianity and God being rejected.